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Headset Comparisons

Test & Data Notice: Data for these graphs were obtained using the UHP Test System at Pilot laboratory facility in Irvine, California. Qualified personnel performed the test using strict procedures as outlined by Pilot for this product class.

Test Stimulus used: Swept 1/3 Octave BandPass Pink Noise @ 100 dB SPL (linear)

The tabular represents attenuation below 100 dB.

Example: Hz dB 125 -15.98 (which represents that 84.02 dB SPL (linear) was measured by the system)

Test data and performance graphs do not represent individual results on a person. The test is performed using a controlled procedure with proper insertion/fit and a mechanical fixture.

The data is believed to be accurate and truly represented. It is however able to be made less effective by an individual with improper insertion/fit or use. Additionally, there is not an artificial method, to date, that measures exactly the way a person hears or accounts for the difference in each person. This data represents the measured SPL at the microphone in the couplers as reported by the test system.

All data and information on these graphs are copyrighted and may not be duplicated in any manner without the written permission of Pilot.