The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) has brought the space program into the 21st century by placing an order for 15 of Pilot PA 17-79 ANR headsets to be used on the International Space Station. The headsets which have been Certified for National Defense under DPAS (15 CFR 700) DO C9, marks the second time Pilot self-contained ANR headsets have been selected for manned space flight. The Russians had also chosen the ANR headsets for use on the MIR Space Station.

Only after exhaustive testing at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston were the headsets, with their military specification components, certified for manned space flight. The headsets will be used by astronauts on the American Expeditionary Team when they become the first residents of the orbiting complex later this year.

The International Space Station continues to operate in excellent shape as it orbits the Earth at an altitude of 246 by 234 statute miles. Since the launch of Zarya in November 1998, the ISS has completed almost 7,200 orbits.